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Rond Vidar is the son of Universo, a longtime enemy of the Legion of Superheroes. Rond was sent to live with a family on Earth where he would be safe. He proved to be a genius with the concepts of Temporal Theory, even winning a prize for his invention of the time cube. The time cube later proved indispensable to the Legion as they used it to stop Universo from taking over the world. Shortly afterwards the Legion made Rond an honorary member. Rond continued his research and continued to influence the many advances in Temporal Science.


Rond Vidar created by Jim Shooter, Mort Weisinger, and Curt Swan

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Rond Vidar (Silver Age)
Rond Vidar (Silver Age)

At some point during his career Rond was secretly recruited by the Guardians to serve as the Green Lantern of 2814, a fact closely guarded due to Earths ban against members of the Corps at the time. Rond kept this information to himself, not even sharing it with his friends among the Legion. Universo, who considered his son a threat to his plans because he was immune to his powers, eventually killed Rond. Though he managed to survive, he allowed everyone to believe him dead because the illusion made his mission easier. He continued to serve the corps, until his survival and identity were revealed when he helped to save Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Duo Damsel, and Mon-El during an attack on the Time Trapper. Due to Earths ban on Lanterns he was forced to leave the planet, never to return.

Five Years Later

Rond Vidar (Five Years Later)
Rond Vidar (Five Years Later)

Later on in his career Rond grew close to fellow Legionnaire Laurel Gand. The two began a relationship, eventually having a daughter together. When the wizard Mordu managed to destroy his power ring in battle, Rond ended his superhero career.

Reboot / Earth-247

Rond Vidar (Earth-247)
Rond Vidar (Earth-247)

In the “reboot”, Rond was one of the characters who seemed most affected. While he made occasional appearances as a time-traveling researcher, neither his parentage nor his time as a Lantern was referenced. Though as a pop culture reference, he often wore outfits that resembled costumes worn by the doctor in Doctor Who.

Retroboot / New Earth

Rond Vidar (New Earth)
Rond Vidar (New Earth)

Rond Vidar was called upon for aid by the Legionnaires Dawnstar, Wildfire, and Blok as they rescued the White Witch from the clutches of Mordu. As they were preparing to make their escape Mordu arrived and attacked them, demanding that they return the White Witch to him. Rond was able to block the majority of his assault which led Modru to use necromancy to call upon his fallen foes to assault them. Rond attacked him with Knight Constructs, leading to a battle of wills. Mordu distracted them long enough that Superboy-Prime was able to arrive with his Legion of Villains.

Major Story Arcs

Retroboot / New Earth:

Vider's Last Stand

Vidar's Fate
Vidar's Fate

Rond’s ring, presumably for the first time by his reaction, warned him to flee explaining escape from Prime as the only viable option. The Legionnaires were left trapped between Mordu. Rond constructed a barrier to keep Prime and his Legion at bay, and managed to buy enough time for Dawnstar and White Witch to create a star gate to the Legion’s base. Knowing that Prime’s Legion could not be allowed to follow Rond elected to stay behind, even going so far as to force the others through the gate when they protested.

After waiting for the gate to close, he lowered his shields and faced off against Prime and his Legion. He managed to fight his way through and defeat a number of his enemies; He used a prism to refract Lazon, blasted Emerald Empress and Storm Boy, used the construct of a mace to pummel Black Mace, a fist to knock out Titania, place a muzzle on Validus and blast Beauty Blaze with a cannon. He was preparing to face Earthman when Saturn Queen attacked him mentally. Using her powers of telepathy she disrupted his willpower which gave Prime an opportunity to capture him.

The villains pause for a moment to defer to his father Universo, who had no problem with his son’s death, simply stating his desire of the power ring. After telling his father he’d never have the ring, and spitting in his face, Rand was killed by Prime. Yet Rand was able to offer assistance to the Legion one last time. Later under direction from Brainiac 5, Mon-El returns to retrieve his body. He takes it to Oa as a sign of good will and to hopefully help in seeking the aid of Sodam Yat, the final member of the Green Lantern Corps, the last Guardian of the Galaxy.

The Funeral of Rond Vider

Upon their arrival, Mon-El and Shadow Lass were suprised by the revelation of Sodam Yat. They were the only non-Corps to witness a Green Lantern Funeral. Sodam gathered his power, and used it to turn him into pure willpower. As his friends from the Legion lamented about him, Sodam himself did the same. Stating that Rond reminded him of the original Torchbearer, Kyle Rayner, it was his death, along with Mon-El's words that helped to inspire Sodam to re-start the Corps.

Powers and Abilities


Rond Vidar was a genius at temporal theory, and won a prize at an early age for his invention of the Time Cube.


Green Lantern Ring

Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern Ring

Like all Green Lanterns Rond Vidar's power comes from his power ring which relies on the power of the users willpower and is only restricted by the users imagination, the ring produces a solid green energy that can be manipulated into any shape or just straight up energy blasts and can be used as an offensive or an defensive weapon.

Other Versions

Other Media

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