Character » Ronal appears in 31 issues.

    An Atlantean and husband of Lori Lemaris in the Pre-Crisis universe.

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    Ronal Earth-1

    On Earth-1 Ronal was an Atlanteans Physician who fell in love with and married Lori Lemaris, the one time girl friend of Superman. This version like all other residents of Earth-1 were erase during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Ronal New Earth

    Ronal is an Atlantean merman sorcerer from the Merman City of Tritonis. Ronal was a young physician living in Tritonis,where he used his magic to heal the citizens of Tritonis. He also used his magic to heal a wounded Lori Lemaris. Eventually, he and Lori were married, but his dabbling with dark magic eventually drove him to insanty. He attacked the other merfolk with his form-altering power, including Lori. She sought out the assistance of her one time love Superman who ultimately stopped Ronal and his mutated sea creatures. When Superman destroyed Ronal's staff, the wizard was apparently turned to stone.

    Powers and abilities

    Atlantean Physiology: Like all Atlantean's Ronal number of superhuman powers, most of which derive from the fact that he is adapted to live in the depths of the ocean, like the ability to breathe underwater. He possesses superhuman durability, high enough to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths.

    Sorcery: Ronal possesses vast knowledge of Atlantean Magic, and sorcery, through which he can alter the size strength and ferocity of sea creature. He can also use his sorcery to control water.

    Medicine: Before loosing his mind to dark sorcery, Ronal was a brilliant physician in Atlantean Medicine

    Curse of Kordax: Though it is suggested that Ronal control sea creatures through sorcery, his blond hair, is a sign in Atlantean Lore that he, like Aquaman, S'ona, and Kordax, likely has the ability to control sea creatures through telepathic persuasions.


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