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    Character » Ron Stoppable appears in 22 issues.

    Ron Stoppable has been Kim Possible's best friend since they met on their first day of pre-school. A bumbling but faithful crime-fighting sidekick, he would later become Kim's boyfriend in the movie "Kim Possible: So the Drama".

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    Ron Stoppable is typically portrayed as being extremely loyal but also clumsy and lacking in bravery. However, as the series has progressed his skills have become more proficient.

    Although Ron's clumsiness has caused problems it also often works in his favor, allowing him to accomplish things through clumsiness that neither he nor Kim were able to do through pure skill.

    Another long-running trait of Ron's is his sizable list of phobias. He also had a tendency to be paranoid in some cases, an end result of his childhood phobias and bad experiences.

    Despite his fears, Ron usually manages to come through in the end, and by the end of the series Ron has dealt with all of them at least once, and overcome them.

    Alongside his general clumsiness, Ron does not excel in school and often appears to have difficulty grasping simple facts or concepts, even if they are spelled out to him. This is attributed to the fact he has a limited understanding of the topic or the way in which it is being discussed or that he usually does not pay attention. Ron's problems are accentuated by his overall lack of focus, and by a tendency towards a laziness.

    Ron also has a tendency to hold onto childhood habits and customs, often stubbornly refusing to change despite the negative reactions of others.

    Ron has a tendency to have low expectations of his performance and to set low standards for himself, both academically and socially. He lacks focus and often appears to fare poorly due to either a lack of effort and a lack of belief in his own abilities or by trying too hard.

    His efforts to fit in are often hampered by the fact that he is moderately hyperactive and has a tendency to act with a pronounced level of immaturity, which has earned him a reputation as a loser among his peers.

    Though Ron appears to become accustomed to the idea that others see him as being uncool, and usually shrugs it off, he has been known to seek acceptance from peers on several occasions (usually in an attempt to be noticed by girls).

    Though never directly stereotyped as being a dork/geek, he has been referred to as one on several occasions, and has many typical dork/geek traits. This is evidenced by his love of computer games, and his occasional fascination with the science fiction and fantasy genres.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Ron Factor

    An intangible talent/element that Ron is hypothesized to possess. It supposedly allows him to achieve results through a series of apparently random mishaps that would otherwise require great skill to accomplish.

    Initially, Global Justice believed The Ron Factor was the secret to Kim Possible's success and they researched it heavily for a short period, hoping to be able to harness it themselves. However since they were unable to isolate it, GJ eventually concluded that it did not exist.

    During the movie Kim Possible: A Sitch in time, Shego realized that Kim was most effective as an adversary when working side by side with Ron. She then hatched a plan to separate them, thus severely hampering Kim's ability to thwart her adversaries. This separation weakened Kim and Ron sufficiently enough for Shego to be able to take over the world.

    Mystical Monkey Power

    Ron was once exposed to ancient magical energy from four jade monkey statues which imbued him with “Mystical Monkey Powers”, including an intuitive knowledge of the martial art of Tai Sheng Pek Kwar as well as superhuman speed and strength.

    It was initially implied that Ron lost these powers when the jade monkey statues were destroyed.


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