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    Ronald Wade Frenz (born February 1, 1960, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American comic book artist known for his work for Marvel Comics. He is well-known for his 1980s work on Amazing Spider-Man, and more recently, for his work on Spider-Girl (who he co-created with writer Tom DeFalco). Frenz also co-created the New Warriors in the pages of The Mighty Thor.

    Frenz's other work includes such titles as The Mighty Thor, Ka-Zar the Savage, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel Saga, Thunderstrike and Superman. He is one of a very few artist to hold down a regular stint on both Amazing Spider-Man and Superman.

    When DC Comics decided to change Superman's costume and powers, it was Frenz's design that was chosen for Superman's new look. Frenz has a history of working on books where the characters were not in their original costumes/identities. Spider-Man wore his black costume, Thor took on a new secret identity and look, and Superman changed costumes and powers all while Frenz was the regular artist on their titles.

    Frenz is known for his frequent collaborations with writer DeFalco, including the short-lived series A-Next. Several of Frenz's creations/co-creations have gone on to be featured in regular or limited series at both Marvel and DC, including Thunderstrike, New Warriors and Strange Visitor. His characters for Marvel's MC2 line have produced series featuring A-Next, J2, Dark Devil, The Buzz and the only female character to reach one hundred consecutive issues at Marvel, Spider-Girl.

    DeFalco has called Frenz one of his favorite collaborators, and the creative team of DeFalco, Frenz and inker Josef Rubinstein produced one of the most acclaimed runs on The Amazing Spider-Man. Frenz replaced John Romita, Jr. as the regular artist on The Amazing Spider-Man in 1984 and the memorable stories he pencilled (written mainly by Roger Stern and then by DeFalco) included "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man" in issue #248, the first appearance of Spider-Man's black costume in issue #252, most of the original stories featuring The Hobgoblin, and Spider-Man's battle with Firelord in issues #269-270. It was Frenz and Defalco that made the "black suit" a symbiote and were indirectly responsible for the character Venom


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