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    Born 1930 Died 13 February 1988 Prolific painter and comicbook artist. Drew or painted wide variety of characters in UK and USA.

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    Ronald Sydney Embleton

    He is known to comic buffs of his early work as "Ron", which is how he signed his early work.

    Embleton began drawing for comics at the age of 17 in 1947 and left the field some 30 years later to concentrate on pure illustration. His work spans the crucial two decades of adventure-strip development in the UK when comic strips and comicbooks were moving away from the static pre-WW2 format to a more dynamic, cinema-influenced American style.

    A very productive artist, Ron Embleton contributed comics to several magazines, coming up with weekly serials such as 'Forgotten City', 'Black Dagger' and 'Into Strange Lands'. At the same time, he developed an interest in oil painting, eventually combining techniques in 'Wulf the Briton', his first painted strip, which appeared in 1957. Embleton continued to produce historic comics (like 'Wrath of the Gods', 'Roger's Rangers', 'Marco Polo'), his favorite, sometimes side-tracking to science-fiction ('Stingray', 'Captain Scarlet').

    1972: Painted 'Wicked Wanda' for Penthouse magazine (writer: Frederic Mullally). This strip ran in Penthouse featuring Embleton art from 1972 to 1980.

    Late 1970s: Embleton took over the graphical part of the 'Trigan Empire' comics, a series drawn for a long time by Don Lawrence (scripts by Mike Butterworth). Ron Embleton died on 13 February 1988, in Bournemouth.


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