Ron Alexander

    Character » Ron Alexander appears in 41 issues.

    Former owner and operative of Ghost Smashers, now reluctantly working under the Ghostbusters.

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    Cocky, egotistical, and loudmouthed, this scheming New Yorker will do whatever it takes to get into the Ghostbusting business. One way or the another.

    He once applied to the Ghostbusters when they began advertising for franchises. However he was rejected on account of the application outline, which required a level of experience in associated disciplines with mandatory criteria in the use of utilizing or correctly maintaining facilities and equipment necessary to paranormal investigations and eliminations. Although Ron was noted to have potential, he was advised to pursue further studies.

    Though he still felt the Ghostbusters lacked the manpower to be everywhere, and that they shouldn't have a monopoly on cities paranormal contracts. While lacking the technical genius of Egon Spengler or Ray Stantz, he planned to procure schematics in order to copy their equipment and make additional 'improvements'.

    He would then go into business for himself, at one point rivaling the success of the Ghostbusters.

    After a series of paranormal incidents, culminating in Ron's arrest and imprisonment, he would later have his sentence commuted and be placed on a new team of Ghostbusters; consisting of Janine Melnitz, Kylie Griffin, and Melanie Ortiz, following the disappearance of the original Ghostbusters crew.


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