Location » Romulus appears in 23 issues.

    Homeworld of the Romulans. It was destroyed in the 11th Star Trek movie

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    "I have been to over a hundred different worlds, and none possess the awesome beauty of Romulus."
    --Alidar Jarok, 2366

    The homeworld of the Romulans, also known as ch'Rihan, orbits the same central star as the planet Remus, which was located in Sector Z-6 of the Alpha Quadrant. Romulus and Remus are often referred to as "twin planets" but they are not a binary planet system.

    The planet was colonised around 400AD (earth time) by explorers from Vulcan.

    Captain James T Kirk and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise were one of the first to encounter them.

    The planet was destroyed in 2387AD when a nearby star went supernov


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