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    Rommbu is one of the Marvel monsters.

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    Rommbu was an alien warrior from the Fourth Galaxy that chose the planet Earth as its next conquest. Rommbu tells the earthlings that every male is a soldier skilled in the art of war and destruction. They live by waging war and have been fighting among themselves since the beginning of their civilization with their primitive weapons until they developed more advanced and destructive weapons. Rommbu demonstrated one of his weapons when he shot two civilians with a ray gun that shrank them down to a few inches when they refused to give up their planet. A geologist named John Hunter, who was sentenced to life for committing several crimes, witnessed the landing of Rommbu's vessel and hid on his ship during the whole fiasco. Rommbu boarded his ship and found Hunter hiding in his vessel. Rommbu used his mind probe on Hunter and learned of his crimes and realized he was hiding on his ship to escape from the police. Hunter learned that Rommbu had an armada coming to Earth and the assault on Earth would be called off if Rommbu was destroyed. Rommbu shot down several military jets that tried to attack his spaceship and had to land his ship to recharge its electromagnetic batteries. Hunter told Rommbu he was a geologist and informed him of an isolated volcanic isle called Watuna where he could land. They headed towards the island in the South Pacific. where Rommbu destroyed a guided missile and removed a warship from the waters with a device he called the magnetico. They reach the island and Hunter tells Rommbu to land inside the mouth of the volcano so they won't be seen while he recharges his batteries. Rommbu and Hunter step outside when the volcano begins to tremble and shake. Hunter knew that the volcano was active and had sacrificed himself to destroy Rommbu and save his planet from their invasion.


    Rommbu was created by Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby in 1961 and first appeared in Tales To Astonish # 19.

    Powers & Weapons

    Rommbu was an alien warrior skilled in the art of battle and destruction that used a variety of weapons. One of his weapons was a ray gun that could shrink any individual down to several inches. Rommbu had a spacecraft equipped with various weaponry including a powerful magnetic ray he called the magnetico and a metal-disintegrating ray. Rommbu also used his mind probe on anyone to learn the truth about them.


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