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WWE Superstars (Super Genius Comics)

Roman Reigns is a cop in Titan City.


  • Super Strength - Reigns is an exceptionally powerful man that has enough strength to deal damage to opponents large than his size. He is able to casually lift an opponent up after rolling them after a schoolboy and slam them to the floor. He can also pick up bigger wrestlers with his sheer strength alone and drop them down. His main signature move, Superman Punch, is powerful enough to stun any opponent powerful opponents and bring them down however that dwarfs in comparison to the Spear that is very powerful and can defeat all but the strongest of superstars in one shot. Reigns is said to have power that can rival that of Brock Lesnar as he was able to topple John Cena, one of the most powerful superstars, in a one-on-one match.
  • Great Endurance and Stamina - Reigns has one of the greatest endurance in all of WWE. Reigns can take a vicious beating that will defeat a normal superstar and still have enough power to keep on fighting. A particular example is during his battle with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34 where he sustained such immense damage from the Beast including taking multiple F-5's, one of which was on the announce table. It is fair noting that one F-5 is enough to take a superstar down and for Reigns had enough endurance to take an five of them before being defeated by one more. He is able to kick out of finishers on a standard level.

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