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    The shocking return of Gadhio’s dead wife reveals that the Church of Origin has been researching necromancy, ostensibly with the goal of helping people work through grief. Unconvinced, Flum decides to sneak back into one of the church’s research facilities to conduct an investigation of her own–if, that is, she’s prepared for what she might find there.


    • Episode 4: The Lies and Losses of the Necromantic Memories
      • Intermission: The β Girl Overcomes Incongruities
      • Intermission: The α Girl Learns of the Incongruities
      • Chapter 1: That Which He's Lost
      • Chapter 2: Why We Fight
      • Chapter 3: A Meat Puppet Suited for Testing the Blade
      • Chapter 4: The Fools Who Desecrated Sacred Grounds
      • Chapter 5: I Hate It, But What Choice Do I Have?
      • Chapter 6: Re
      • Chapter 7: Dreams Are a Blissful Insanity Known Only to You
      • Chapter 8: Drowning in Indulgence
      • Chapter 9: Slipping Gears
      • Chapter 10: Past Memories
      • Chapter 11: Where the Miracle of Life Squirms Free
      • Chapter 12: Spiral Hunt
      • Chapter 13: I Know Nothing About Myself
      • Chapter 14: Paradise Lost
      • Chapter 15: Wrong from the Very Start
      • Chapter 16: Creeping Crawling Malevolence
      • Chapter 17: Escape from Limbo
      • Chapter 18: A Capital in Turmoil
      • Side Story: Lamentable Boundaries


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