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    Rolento was a member of the Red Berets, responsible of protecting the drug production of some gangs in Metro City. He was later introduced in the Street Fighter Series, trying to create his utopian nation and enlisting soldiers.

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    Rolento Schugerg wears a military inspired outfit with weapon belts going over his shoulders. He wears a red beret on his head. This appearance also reflects in his fighting style as his fighting style is being listed as Special Forces training. He uses a baton while fighting, and if he is low on energy, he will often resort to using grenades. He will also blow himself up with his own grenades if he is defeated.

    Other Media

    Film and Animation

    Video game appearances

    • Final Fight (First appearance)
    • Final Fight ONE
    • Final Fight 2
    • Final Fight Revenge
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
    • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
    • Capcom Vs. SNK 2
    • Street Fighter X Mega Man
    • Ultra Street Fighter IV
    • Street Fighter X Tekken


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