Roland Taylor

    Character » Roland Taylor appears in 2 issues.

    Roland Taylor was a bipolar schizophrenic who once wielded The Uni-Power and became Captain Universe.

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    Roland Taylor was once a happily married man who led a rather normal life, that is until he was stricken with bipolar disease and schizophrenia. It wasn't long before his marriage crumbled and he had to move out on his own into a low-rank apartment, where the schizophrenia dragged him into a state of suicidal despair.
    When the voices in his mind that taunted him constantly and could even manipulate his own actions finally pushed him to the breaking point, Roland took a pistol to his head and attempted to kill himself, but before he could The Uni-Power transformed him into the cosmic superhero known as Captain Universe and buried the voices in his head deep within himself.
    Believing himself to be fully cured, Roland began trying to piece his old life back together by first visiting his ex-wife Lucy and telling her that he had been cured, but decided to say that it was new medication that had healed him and not some enigmatic cosmic force from beyond, seeing as it would only make her believe that he was crazier than before.
    After returning home from seeing Lucy, Roland went about the process of turning all of his unpaid bills into cash using The Uni-Power's matter manipulation abilities and was prepared to pay what he owed when agents from a secret U.S. Government facility called Division U broke into his home and demanded that he surrender himself and The Uni-Power to them.
    Roland refused, transformed into Captain Universe and attacked the Division U agents with no mercy, but as their fight progressed and broke out into the streets, one of Rolands elderly neighbors was nearly killed as the stairs beneath her feet began to crumble, luckily Roland managed to save her by turning a banister into a pliable net.
    With Roland temporarily distracted, Steve Coffin, the second human in history to become Captain Universe, attacked him without any mercy and demanded that Roland give "his" power back to him, indicating that Steve had formed an addiction to The Uni-Power all those years ago and was desperate to retrieve it no matter the cost.
    Steve's commanding officer, a scientist named Alyssa, stopped Steve before he could do any real damage to Roland and started up an argument with her subordinate, which distracted them so greatly that Roland was able to blindside them with an immense burst of cosmic energy.
    As Roland flew off into the night, Alyssa swore that they would meet again and that when they did she would succeed in taking The Uni-Power from him. Hours later, Roland, who had been worn out by his battle, was walking down an empty street somewhere within the vicinity Queens and, much to his dismay, began to once again hear the voices that had tormented him for so long.
    At that moment, The Uni-Power attempted to depart from Roland's body, but Roland's fractured psyche and multiple personalities refused to let it leave and by sheer force of will, absorbed it back into Roland's body where his warped psyche began battering The Uni-Power so violently that, in its agony, it fragmented.
    Knowing that he would never be able to regain the life he had always dreamed of having, Roland fell into despair and vanished into the night, soaring towards an uncertain future. As he left, a trio of Enigma Hunters from The Microverse arrived and began to trace Roland's whereabouts, swearing to kill him if he refused to release it of his own accord.
    It is believed that The Enigma Hunters freed The Uni-Power from imprisonment by slaughtering Roland off-panel.


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