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    Roland Kincaid (better known as Kincaid by people) is an african-american teenager with an aggressive attitude.

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    Biography (Film)

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

    Kincaid is introduced as one of the patients at Westin Hills Asylum, being stalked by Freddy Krueger. Kincaid was considered by staff to be the most problematic of the patients due to his foul mouth and explosive temper, often getting sedated and being sent to solitary. He seemed particularly disliked by patients Phillip (Whom Kincaid called an "Asshole") and Taryn (Who was glad to see him get dragged away by orderlies). He is used as comic relief for much of the film because of his relentless taunting of Krueger ("Come and get me you burnt faced pussy!")

    Despite his confrontational attitude, he really does have a heart, getting particularly angry at Freddy Krueger for going after the disabled Will and mute Joey. He even hugs Kristen and Nancy towards the end. Kincaid, for all his talk, is also shown to be fairly weak in a fight due to his obesity. Thus, his dream power was the ability to possess superhuman strength. He also wore a red strongman outfit.

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    Kincaid was considered notable at the time as one of the few major African-American characters to survive a 'slasher' film who was not a child or woman. He is also generally considered one of the best comic-relief characters in horror, to the extent that a horror film Kincaid's actor Ken Sagoes appeared in called Death by Dialogue (1988) promoted him in the tagline.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

    Kincaid appears briefly in the next film. After having been released from Westin Hills, he just wants to live a normal life, and seems to have bonded with Joey. He is particularly angry with Kristen for pulling him into her dreams at any sign of danger. Kincaid feared this would allow Freddy to come back. Ironically, Kincaid would be the instrument of Krueger's return when his dog entered one of his nightmares and urinated flames onto Krueger's gravesite. This somehow brought Krueger back to "life", at least in the dream world. Kincaid's fear kept him from using his powers and he was killed by Krueger, but not before promising Freddy that he would one day see him in Hell.

    Interestingly enough, Kincaid's dog not only seemed to intentionally revive Freddy and seemingly possess supernatural power, but was ominously named Jason and had black marks on his face that faintly resembled a hockey mask...

    Some have criticized this appearance of Kincaid for negating his survival in the previous film and for fulfilling the stereotype of the African-American character dying first. Kincaid's spirit was slated to make an appearance in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, alongside Joey and Taryn. He would have been addressed as "Power Cop" and would possess greater strength. This subplot was scrapped.


    Kincaid appears in Innovation's 1991 series Nightmares on Elm Street. Here his physique is much more muscular and he has the ability to turn into a panther. He seems to be the leader of the Dream Warriors along with Will. He appears to be on better terms with Taryn since he allows her to pet him in Panther form. He is also clothed in his red strongman outfit.

    Kincaid's spirit appears briefly to fight the Deadites in Wildstorm's Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors.


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