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    Afro Man's father, and the former Number One, his death led his son on a path of vengence that would consume his life.

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    Afro's father, Rokutaro, was the Number One at the beginning of the series, who lost his title and life to Justice when Justice decapitated him. How he attained the Number One headband, what he did during his time as Number One, and how long he'd had it prior to Justice killing him remains unclear.

    According to Justice, it was his intention to end the headband wars by hiding the Number One headband, but people kept fighting and killing each other to possess the other headbands. So Justice saw the only way to stop the fighting forever and to obtain ultimate power was to have all the headbands, but realized this only after killing Afro's Dad for the Number One and discarding the Number Two. Unlike Afro, who wears it simply as a headband, Afro's dad uses The Number One Headband as a hairband to tie back his afro in a large ponytail.

    Afro's Dad's skeleton is later uncovered by a female warrior named Sio who intends to resurrect him to get revenge on Afro by having his father kill him. Afro's father is seen regenerating in a tube from a jawbone of his original skeleton by the technological expertise of Dharman. When he is complete, he becomes a stronger, much more brutish version of his original self with ripped muscles and blood red eyes. Sio then uses him to kill Afro and as a result of her final revenge, he succeeds and kills Afro.

    But this backfires when Jinno attacks him but ends up dying as well, and this triggers Sio to try to save her brother but dies by getting impaled by him. In the end, Afro realizes something important about his father: he died a long time ago. He gives him peace by destroying the monstrous clone.

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