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    Rok is the Master of an Underground child assassin squad.

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    Rok is the leader of an underground child assassin squad that had a personal vendetta against Wild Child. Rok was nearly killed by Wild Child years ago and was left bloody and scarred. Rok had turned a group of warrior children into his assassins for hire where they lived in an underground tunnel system in Old Montreal. Wild Child as Weapon Omega traveled to Old Montreal to look for Nemesis. Wild Child encountered the Children of the Night in the tunnel system and was eventually overwhelmed. Wild Child recovered in shackles with his teammate Nemesis in chains as well. Rok reappeared to seek out revenge on Wild Child and was going to kill him with Nemesis' own sword when Weapon X appeared. Rok and Weapon X traded blows when Wild Child knocked out Rok from behind. 
    Defeated during a battle between Nemesis, Weapon Omega, and Wyre. Windshear pulled a wall off Rok and he was taken into custody.


    Rok was created by Simon Furman and Pat Broderick in 1992 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 115. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Rok has a degree of superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Both of his hands appear to be made out of solid rock which provides him with more bludgeoning power upon impact.   

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