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Early Life

Rojhaz was born as Steve Rogers in the early 1900's. He followed a very similar path of occurrences to his Earth-616 counterpart until later in life. Rogers did not age due to the super-serum within his veins and he watched most of earths other heroes either retire or die. America became an echo of the fascism Rogers had fought during World War II when The United States appointed the position 'President For Life'. Rogers fought against this new administration before ultimately being captured. Rogers was used in an experiment that somehow brought him back in time 400 years to the past.

New Identity

When Rogers woke up in the Marvel 1602 timeline, he was greeted by a group of Native Americans whom he would live with for the next 15 years. He adopted the name Rojhaz as well as Native customs and language. When he happens upon the dying Roanoke colonists, he uses his abilities and knowledge to help them survive. He next accompanies Virginia Dare to England as her bodyguard. Although well versed in English, Rojhaz pretends to understand little of the language while he is in England.

The Forerunner

After The Queen Elizabeth's death; Rojhaz, Virginia, and many of the other heroes migrate away from England to the New World. It is here where Dr. Strange exposes that Rojhaz is a man out of time and that his presence in 1602 will cause the end of the world. It is also revealed that Rojhaz's presence caused the chain of events that gave the heroes in the 1602 universe their powers. Sir Richard Reed and the other heroes create a gateway through which Rojhaz can return to his rightful time period. Rojhaz, who has grown to love his new home refuses to leave until Sir Nicholas Fury sucker punches Rojhaz and drags him manually through the gateway. Writer Neil Gaiman leaves it open ended whether Rojhaz and Fury die as a result or whether the two and sent back to Rojhaz's dystopian future.


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