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    Character » Rohlan Dyre appears in 38 issues.

    Rohlan is a Mandalorian Crusader. He fought as a commander in the Mandalorian Wars. Rohlan, later deserted and rescued Jarael from the mad scientist, Demagol. Demagol incapacitated Rohlan and switched armor with him. Rohlan stood trail for Demagol’s crimes and finally after his escape, he killed Demagol.

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    Later in his career as a Mandalorian veteran, Rohlan began to have a difficulty understanding the reasons and brutality of the war. So, Rohlan confronted his superiors with his questions, only to be given shaky and non descriptive answers, so he fled before being called to duty. Rohlan was discovered, and sent to the front lines. In his last mission Rohlan’s Shocktrooper force captured Jarel. Rohlan stole the ship, the Last Resort, and tried to escape. This ultimately failed and Camper and Zayne Carrick incapacitated Rohlan. They all headed to Flashpoint Station. 

    Flashpoint Station

    Rohlan, as Zayne’s prisoner, directed Zayne to Flashpoint Station. When they arrived they met Demagol an insane Mandalorian scientist. Demagol was about to experiment on Jarael, untill Rohlan, demanded that Zayne be the next "experiment." As Zayne was being experimented on, Rohlan overwhelmed the scientist. Demagol was left locked in a closet and Zayne took his armor. Zayne, using the Force, secretly placed charges that would level the building. Rohlan told the evacuating Mandalorians to tell Mandalore that he died trying to save Demagol. Rohlan returned to retrieve Demagol. Demagol however, tricked and drugged Rohlan. The scientist then switched armors with Rohlan. Rohlan, who was now believed to be Demagol, was captured and brought back to Corucant by the Jedi. However, he fell into coma caused by Demagol’s drugs.


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