Rogue is a popular X-Men charecters who was created by Chris Claremont, Al Milgrom, and Michael Golden. First appearing in The Avengers Annual #10 - By Friends Betrayed, Rogue debuts as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but soon changed to join the Uncanny X-Men. The following is a guide of the key moments in the history of Rogue.


Classic X-Men

Classic X-Men #44 - Elegy

This tells the story of a young Rogue who grew up with Mystique and Destiny. Here you will see her powers manifest and the events that shape her life. Written by Chris Claremont with art by John Byrne.

Classic Rogue

Joining the X-Men

The Uncanny X-Men #171 - Rogue

After absorbing the powers and psyche of Miss Marvel, Rogue becomes conflicted with whom she really is, and seeks out Professor Charles Xavier for help. This is the issue where Rogue joins the X-Men. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Walt Simonson.

Wolverine's Wedding

The Uncanny X-Men #172 - Scarlet in Glory and The Uncanny X-Men #173 - To Have and Have Not

Here the X-Men travel to Japan for the wedding of fellow X-Man Wolverine and his bride to be, Mariko Yashida. When Madame Hydra and Silver Samurai poison the X-Men, only Logan and Rogue are capable of instantly recovering, due to their powers. Here you will see Rogue in action as a X-Man for the first time as she teams with Wolverine to battle Madame Hydra and Silver Samurai. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Paul Smith.

Split Personality

The Uncanny X-Men #182 - Madness

This issue of Uncanny X-Men takes place directly after Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. This issue is devoted entirely to Rogue, as you will see the personality of Carol Danvers come out as she gets fatigued. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Dan Green.

Battling Nimrod

The Uncanny X-Men #194 - Juggernaut's Back In Town

See Rogue take her powers to their limit as she simultaneously absorbs the powers of all of her fellow X-Men to battle the Sentinel from the future known as Nimrod. Written by Chris Claremont with art by John Romita Jr.

Dazzler Joins the Team

The Uncanny X-Men #217 - Folly's Gambit and The Uncanny X-Men #218 - Charge of the Light Brigade

Thinks become a little tense for Rogue when her former adversary from the days when she was in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Dazzler, joins the team. Here you will also see Rogue, along with Psylocke, Dazzler, and Longshot battle the Juggernaut. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.

A Green and Pleasant Land

A Green and Pleasant Land

In this story arc you will see Rogue and Wolverine captured by the goverment of the land of Genosha, which is a country that treats mutants as slaves. Once again Rogue will have to turn her body over to Carol Danvers in this story, in order to help a dying Wolverine after they both lose their powers. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Marc Silvestri.

90's Rogue

In the 1990's, Rogue's popularity skyrocketed, with her becoming one of the biggest ladies in the X-Men. This was also the time period when she became famous for her relationship with the Cajun X-Men known as Gambit.


The Uncanny X-Men #274 - Crossroads

Here you will see Rogue in the Savage Lands along side the former X-Men villains, Magneto. See if Rogue will be able to keep Magneto On the side of the angels or if he falls to the side of the devils here. Written by Chris Claremont with art by Jim Lee.


X-Men #4 - The Resurrection and The Flesh

In this issue, the Cajun X-Men known as Gambit makes his move, and asks Rogue out. See the beginning of this iconic relationship here. Written by John Byrne and Jim Lee with Jim Lee doing the artwork.

Bella Donna

X-Men #8, Ghost Rider #26, X-Men #9, and Ghost Rider #27

While Rogue and Gambit ate staring to grow closer, they are interrupted by Gambit's wife Bella Donna. Here Rogue will travel with the X-Men to New Orleans as they battle the Brood, whom have infiltrated the Assassin's Guild. Key moments in the development of the Gambit and Rogue relationship here. Written by Scott Lobdell and Howard Mackie with art by Jim Lee and Ron Wagner.

Song's End

The Uncanny X-Men #297 - X-Cutioner's Song Epilogue Songs End - Up and Around

In the fallout to the crossover X-Cutioner's Song, Rogue is blinded. In this issue you will see her talk about the struggle with her powers and confidential information Gambit. Written by Scott Lobdell with art by Andy Kubert.

Back to New Orleans


When Gambit's brother, Henri Lebeau, pays the X-Men a visit and lures Gambit back to New Orleans, Rogue will follow the man she loves. While this is much more of a Gambit story, it does of some essential development to the relationship of Rogue and Gambit. This will also be a prelude to Rogue's on mini series down the line. Written by Howard Mackie with art by Lee Weeks.

The Heart of Thieves

X-Men #33 - The Hearts of Thieves

When the X-Men take in their former antagonist, Sabretooth, it will become obvious that he knew Gambit from his past. In this issue Rogue's curiosity gets the best of her, and she will ask Sabretooth to tell her the story of when he first met Gambit. This will make her relationship with Gambit rocky. Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Andy Kubert.

Smoke and Mirrors

X-Men #38 - Smoke and Mirrors

This story is a follow-up to X-Men #33 as well as a prelude to Rogue's mini series. Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Andy Kubert.

Solo Adventure

No Caption Provided


While preparing to take the next step in her relationship with Gambit, Rogue will decide that she needs to confront her past as well. You will see somewhat of a retelling of Rogue's origin story here. When Rogue goes to visit Cody Robbins, the boy she put into a coma when her powers first manifested, he will be captured by Bella Donna's assassins. Bella Donna will be seeking revenge upon Rogue for events that happened in Gambit's mini series. Gambit will follow Rogue, and get captured as well. Rogue will have to save the man she loves. Written by Howard Mackie with art by Mike Wieringo.

The Enemy of my Enemy

X-Men #45 - The Enemy of My Enemy...

When the world was about to end during the end of the 'Legion's Quest' storyline, Rogue kissed Gambit and absorbed some tragic memories from his past. When they kiss, Rogue absorbs something awful from Gambit's memories. She can't cope with what it is, so she leaves on a road trip with Iceman. Gambit was put into a three week coma, but goes after Rogue when he awakens. Gambit will confront Rogue in a abandoned theater in Seattle, as Rogue attempts to get Gambit to confess what terrible thing he did in his past. Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Andy Kubert.

Attempting to Live a normal Life

X-Men Unlimited #11 - Adrift

After the events of X-Men #45, Rogue tries to live a normal life, getting a apartment and a job. However, it will be interrupted when Rogue is attacked by unknown assailants. Here she will meet a younger amnesia strikes Magneto who will go by the name of Joseph, who will be looking for the X-Men. Written by Scott Lobdell with art by Adam Pollina.

The Trial of Gambit

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X-Men: The Trial of Gambit

While out with her fellow X-Men on Christmas eve, they are confronted by Gladiator. He sends them to help the Shi'ar Empire defeat a alien group known as the Phalanx. Here you will see something of a love triangle form between Rogue, Gambit, and Joseph, but Rogue will ultimately start leaning much toward Gambit. After they return to Earth, Rogue finds out that there are bounty hunters after Gambit when they are all captured by the X-Men old foe Nanny. Gambit voluntarily gives himself up, saying that he needs to pay for his mistakes from the past. Rogue will follow Gambit and try to rescue him. Here she will finally learn the truth about the Dark past of the mysterious Cajun mutant, Gambit. Written by Scott Lobdell, Ben Raab, and Steve Seagal, with art by Joe Madureira, Mel Rubi, Brian Hitch, Andy Smith, Humberto Ramos, and Carlos Pacheco.

Seeking a Cure for Mutation

The Uncanny X-Men #359 - Power Play

Heartbroken over the events of X-Men #350, Rogue will seek a cure for her mutation, in hopes of living a normal life with Gambit. Here you will see Rogue attempt to become human, but things become complicated when her foster mother, Mystique intervenes. Written by Joe Kelly and Steve Seagal with art by Chris Banchello and Ryan Benjamin.

Modern Rogue

X-Treme X-Men

X-Treme X-Men

Once again being written by her created, Chris Claremont, Rogue will join the X-Treme X-Men team along with Gambit, Storm, and Psylocke. Here she will receive some new abilities and further advance her relationship with Gambit.

Rogue Solo


In 2004 Rogue recipes her own solo series. In this series you will learn more about Rogue's past, learn her name, and see some flashback stories that include her family. She will battle villians like Lady Deathstrike and Silver Samurai and will team up with some X-Men, including her old flame, Gambit, as well as Havok, Sunfire, and Polaris. Written by Robert Rodi with art by Rodolfo Migliari.

Leading the X-Men

X-Men by Mike Carey

When Mike Carey starts writing X-Men in the mid 2000s, he decides that it is time to pull the trigger on making Rogue the leader of the X-Men. Here Rogue will receive much character development and advance on her control of her powers. Rogue will be portrayed differently from the start of it. Instead of being developed to become a different character, Mike Carrey will just make her a different character from the start. This run has a large portion of fans who do not like Mike Carrey's version of Rogue.

Messiah Complex

No Caption Provided

Messiah Complex

This isn't a story that Rogue is heavily featured in, but the ending does have some essential development for Rogue that makes it a must read for a fan of the character.

This story is a crossover where the X-Men teams up with New X-Men and X-Factor.

For the first time since House of M, a new mutant infant will be born. When this happens, the X-Men, as well as the forces of Mister Sinister, will go after it. The X-Men will be fighting for the survival of the mutant race, as they are betrayed by one of their own while fighting to save the infant. The X-Men will cover all angles, and even travel through time in hopes of finding the baby. Written by Ed Brubaker, Peter David, Mike Carrey, Greg Kyle, and Christopher Yost with art by Anthony Castrillo, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brandon Peterson, Bret Blevins, Brett Booth, Carlos Pacheco, and Chris Bachalo.

Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny Avengers

After the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Rogue joins a Avengers team that merges with some X-Men. Lead by Havok, Rogue joins in order to keep tabs on Scarlet Witch. Here, she will help the team battle the forces of Apocalypse in a sequel to Uncanny X-Force. Written by Rick Remender.


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