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Collects Rogue Trooper stories from 2000AD.

Nu-Earth, a planet ravaged by war, its atmosphere poisoned by chemical weapons. In this battle ground between the Norts and The Southers only the Genetic Infantrymen can survive. Rogue is one such soldier, and these are his tales...

Collects the following stories from 2000AD:

  • Rogue Trooper (prog 228)
  • Nu Paree (prog 229)
  • Glass Zone (prog 230)
  • Clash in Doomsday Valley (prog 231)
  • Terror of the Decapitators (prog 232)
  • Raiders (prog 234)
  • Scum Sea (prog 235)
  • Ascent to Buzzard-Three (progs 236 to 238)
  • The Rookies (progs 239 to 240)
  • Blue Moon (prog 241)
  • Poison (progs 242 to 243)
  • Fear of the Machine (progs 246 to 248)
  • The Dreamweavers (progs 249 to 250)
  • The Buzzard (progs 251 to 253)
  • The Petrified Forest (progs 254 to 257)
  • War of Nerves (prog 258)
  • Bagman Blues (progs 260 to 262)
  • The Body Looters (prog 265)
  • All Hell on the Dix-I Front (progs 266 to 277)
  • Assassination Run (progs 278 to 279)
  • Hats Off to Helm (progs 280 to 281)
  • Marauders (progs 282 to 289)
  • Fort Neuro Prologue (prog 290)
  • Fort Neuro (progs 291 to 301 and 303-310)
  • Major Magnam Prologue (prog 311)
  • Major Magnam (progs 312 to 315)
  • Bigfoot (prog 316)
  • Bio-Wire (prog 317)
  • Pray for War (2000AD Annual 1983)
  • First of the Few (2000AD Annual 1984)


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Story Arcs

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