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Not much is known about Noh-Varr's superior officer, Rogue Fantastic, other than that he served on The Marvel as a member of The 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt under Captain Glory and that he was hailed as a hero on his realities Hala
Rogue was killed along with all of his fellow crewmates, save for Noh-Varr, when Doctor Midas disabled and severely damaged The Marvel and forced it to crash-land on Earth-616. 
Interestingly enough, Rogue Fantastic bore a striking resemblance to Reed Richards of The Fantastic Four, though it was never confirmed if he was actually some sort of alternate reality Kree analogue to Richards.

Alternate Realities

During the course of their journey back to their native Universe, Rogue Fantastic and his fellow crewmates briefly passed through a dark, twisted mirror of their own Universe that came complete with its own "18th Diplomatic Kree Gestalt." 
The alternate Rogue Fantastic was nearly identical in appearance to the "good" version but was more sinister looking. Even though the counterpart's uniform was identical in appearance to Rogue's, its colors were inverted just like the uniforms of his fellow crewmates.

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