Rogol Zaar

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    A powerful alien warrior who considers Kryptonians a cosmic plague. Rogol Zaar claims to have been responsible for the destruction of Krypton, and has come to Earth to eliminate Superman and Supergirl.

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    Rogol Zaar was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Lee, and first appeared in Action Comics #1000 in a preview story for the Bendis run on the Superman books. Bendis named the character after one of the doctors who looked after him during his time in hospital.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Man of Steel

    Rogol’s hatred for Kryptonians dates back to days before the destruction of Krypton. He had a meeting with the The Circle regarding the growing problem, which are the Kryptonians. His motives are clear: he doesn’t want to start a war, he wants to cleanse them due to the fact that (according to Rogol) Kryptonians invade other planets and erase lesser species from existence. Krypton was destroyed due to its own instability no less.

    Flashforward to present day, Rogol visits planet Earth as he knowns there's still a Kryptonian left, it is indeed Superman he's after. The first thing he does is enter the Fortress of Solitude and wrecks it completely. In the aftermath, Superman and Supergirl are on the scene, too late unfortunately. Superman is furious and is going behind the person who's done this.

    Rogol manages to overcome both Superman and Supergirl, but leaves in time before Hal Jordan arrives to help them out. Rogol wants to destroy the Earth, similar to the destruction of Krypton, by going to the core of the Earth. Ultimately, Superman finds him and pulls him to outer space. With the help of Supergirl, Rogol has been thrown into the Phantom Zone.

    Legion of Super-heroes

    1000 years in the future Rogol teamed up with Mordru to complete his mission however they stopped by The Legion of Super-heroes and future House of El.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rogol Zaar possesses strength, durability and other physical abilities on a level that allows him to fight Superman and Supergirl at the same time. He also possesses some degree of super-speed, as evidenced in his fight against Superman in downtown Metropolis.


    Rogol Zaar wields a large axe that can hurt Kryptonians, change its shape and manipulate energy attacks.


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