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    Captain of the Atlantean Military and personal guard/subject to King Arthur. The two eventually became enemies but after Aquaman saved his life he once again became loyal to him.

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    Rodunn was the the Captain of the Atlantean Royal Guard. There is fiercely guarded Aquaman, Mera, Tempest, Dolphin, their child Cerdian and the rest of the royal family. He was loyal and faithful, but the whole time he despised the royal because they were what he never would be.


    Rodunn was created by Dan Jurgens and frist appeared in Aquaman #63.

    Major Story Arcs

    Aquaman (Volume 3)

    Rodunn is introduced and works along side Aquaman to protect Atlantis.

    Aquaman: The Waterbearer

    For more information see: Aquaman: The Waterbearer

    Fallowing the events of The Obsidian Age Aquaman has been dubbed a traitor and Rodunn takes pleasure in being the one personally responsible for banishing the yellow haired Aquaman to Traitor Reef, but when Aquaman escapes Rodunn makes it his personal mission to kill Aquaman. This leads to several battles between Rodunn and his formal king. The final battle involves Rodunn donning a mystical suit that protects him from the surface sun and riding a giant mutated Lamprey. During the battle the Lamprey turns on Rodunn but Aquaman saves him and Rodunn realizes that Aquaman is not the enemy. Aquaman then give Rodunn a mission, go back to the Atlantis and tell his people that there true king has not forgotten them. Rodunn obey with over the top enthusiasm. Once back in Atlantis no one listens to his message, not until Vulko, learns of what true is going on, and realizes that Rodunn might be telling the truth.


    For more information see Flashpoint

    Rodunn is again one of Aquaman's trusted generals. It is Rodunn who personally informs Aquaman, that the scouts have discovered how the Amazons escaped the Geo-Force bomb. Later it is Rodunn who pleads with Aquaman to send him instead of Orm to kill Terra, but Aquaman will not listen. Then after the mission fails, Rodunn tries to convince Aquaman to order a retreat but it is too late and Diana's furies attack.

    New 52

    Rodunn make's his first New 52 appearance in Aquaman 23.2, as a general in the Atlantean army under the command of Ocean Master.

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhuman Strength

    Rodunn like all Atlanteans possesses some level of super human strength

    Superhuman Durability

    Similarly his durability is also enhanced.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Rodunn can breathe, see, move and function normally underwater despite the pressure and extreme temperatures.

    Trained Warrior

    He is the captain (and in the New 52 a general) of the Atlantean army and one of it's best warriors.


    Both pre and post New 52 Rodunn is an Atlantean military leader. He is the captain of the guard pre New 52 and an Atlantean general post New 52.


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