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    Character » Rodney McKay appears in 22 issues.

    Rodney McKay is one of the smartest and most egotistical persons in our galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy

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    Dr. McKay was born in 1968 somewhere in Canada. He once aid that his father read him Moby Dick and ever since he has had dreams that he is being eaten by a giant whale. He has Ph.D's in physics and mechanical engineering. He has a talented younger sister named Jeannie Miller she is also a scientist. When she decided to start a family they had an argument and refused to speak each other for years. He is allergic to citrus. Despite being Canadian he worked for the US air force. Because he works for the Stargate program he cannot talk about his job from anyone from the outside.

    First Appearance

    McKay in his Atlantis uniform
    McKay in his Atlantis uniform

    When SG-1 Found the ancient outpost in Antarctica Rodney was one of the scientist studying Ancient technology. Though he studied all of their technology he favored the control chair. Though he tried it numerous times it was later learned that only people with Ancient Technology Gene(ATA) could use the chair. He later used a ZPM to connect the Alantis Stargate to Earth's Stargate. He joined the Atlantis Expedition as one of their key members(actually he was the smartest person their as he stated many times). Because he was so ancient to use ancient technology he was the first (human) test subject to have Dr. Bekett artificial ATA gene injected in him. He found out the test was successful when he put on a personal shield which gave him complete invulnerability(though it was later found out the the shield let air in there for the wearer could be drowned or die in a vacuum) the shield was later drained by a energy eating monster that was inside Atlantis form the thousands of years that it was beneath the sea. IT drained the shield and Rodney was saved Atlantis.

    The Storm

    When Major Sheppard and Teyla hound the massive Storm that was covering about 25% of the planet's surface an heading right for Atlantis. They found out that the ZPM was failing and would never have enough power to stand up against the storm. McKay found a better way to power the shield. The the power of the storm's lighting strike. After the city was evacuated he along Weir, Sheppard stayed behind to guard some grounding stations from several Genii solders. They managed to defeat the Genii and raise the shield before a massive tsunami hit the city.

    After the storm

    After the massive storm dissipated McKay and some of his team accidentally released a virus the kills its victims by causing their nightmares to come to life. McKay became infected with the virus and thought that a ghost was attacking him. However he had enough will power to fight off the virus to come up with a plan. Because he had the ATA gene he used Atlantis to make a giant EMP which rendered the nanite Virus gone.


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