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A space explorer, Rod Cannon lost his wife in a tragic Martian attack. He was later assigned to a base on a moon of Jupiter. At some point he discovered the House of Mystery.


Rod Cannon was created by Lilah Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Becoming a regular at the House, Rod is occasionally caught up in the strange goings-on there. He is in the House when it becomes trapped in the Space Between. He is killed in a sudden ghost attack, and his body is partially eaten. He is mysteriously resurrected by Lotus Blossom when she recreates the House. He later locates his wife, who has merged with a colony of sentient Martian bacteria. Despite it being a bit weird, they manage to make it work.

Powers and Abilities

Rod has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a trained astronaut who is familiar with spaceflight and the relevant technologies.

Weapons and Equipment

Rod constantly wears his spacesuit, which presumably has protective and life-sustaining functions.


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