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    Rocky is a Love and Rockets character who lives on another planet.

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    Rocky was created by Jaime Hernandez in Love and Rockets # 4

    Love and Rockets

    Rocky appeared in two short stories in Love and Rockets

    Out O' Space

    We first meet Rocky as she is journeying through space, when she is suppose to be home. She is accompanied by her robot companion Fumble.

    Rocky and Fumble find a seemingly uninhabited, small planet. They look around and decide what they will name their planet

    On other side of the planet a creature by the name of Mad Patrick is claiming the planet as his own. When he sees Rocky and Fumble he gets very agitated and picks a fight with Rocky. And in the ensuing fight the small planet is reduced to an asteroid, and Rocky heads home.

    Retro Rocky

    In her next appearance, Rocky is being punished for not coming home, and is left alone with Fumble while her parents leave. She acts meanly to him and sends him away. Being lonely she reminisces about the how she was giving Fumble by a garbageman

    Through her father's hard work, he fixes Fumble and she becomes Rocky's companion. Remembering this she goes to find him. She is last scene riding a raft with Fumble as he plays a stringless guitar.


    Rocky appears to be a girl of great confidence, but reveals her self to be a girl of both self confidence and extreme loneliness. Her only real friend is her robot friend Fumble, who she insults regularly, though she loves him.


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