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    Icon's partner and friend, Rocket has an inertia belt that allows her to fly and form shields of kinetic energy. She's outspoken, liberal, and one of the first teenage mothers in comics.

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    Raquel Ervin was born in Paris Island, the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhood in Dakota. Although she is only the sidekick of the title character, Icon, she is the actual protagonist of the series. She yearned to become a writer ("just like Toni Morrison"), but lacked the motivation. That is, until she met Augustus Freeman IV, a corporate lawyer who was secretly a stranded alien with superhuman powers. This occurred while she and her friends were robbing Freeman's home. Raquel convinced Augustus to become the superhero Icon, and to take her on as his sidekick, Rocket. While in costume, she wore a belt Icon fashioned out of his escape pod's inertia winder, which allowed her to manipulate kinetic energy.


    Rocket was created by was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Mark Bright and Denys Cowan

    Character Evolution


    Rocket (Dakotaverse)
    Rocket (Dakotaverse)

    Shortly after she began adventuring with Icon, Raquel discovered that she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Noble. She decided to keep the baby, becoming the first single teenage mother in comics. She gave birth to a son, whom she named Amistad Augustus Ervin, named "Amistad" after famous ship that brought slaves over from Africa to America, and "Augustus" after Augustus Freeman IV, the Human alias of Dakota City superhero Icon. During her pregnancy, Raquel trained her best friend Darnice to temporarily assume duties as Rocket. Raquel eventually resumed her role as Rocket. Rocket also assists the Blood Syndicate member Flashback in fighting her addiction to crack cocaine.

    Rocket was more liberal than Icon, which caused them to clash on a number of occasions. She befriended Static, another teenage superhero from Dakota City. While it has been hinted that someday they might become more than friends, their relationship remained platonic throughout the run of their respective titles.

    DC Universe / Modern Age: New Earth

    Rocket (New Earth)
    Rocket (New Earth)

    In the revised Milestone continuity (which has apparently always existed in the DC Universe), Rocket is still partnered with Icon, who appears to have an existing friendship with Superman and is exempt from prosecution at the hands of the Green Lantern Corps.


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    Icon and Rocket were originally set to appear in the upcoming Milestone revival "Earth M" series in 2018 with new and modern costumes. As of August 22nd 2020, Icon and Rocket will return to mainstream in February 2021.

    Major Story Arcs


    Milestone Forever

    Rocket is instrumental in helping Flashback officially kick her drug addiction, and Dharma feels that she has a greater purpose but is still overall unclear to what that may be. Ten years into the future, it has been hinted that she has taken the mantle of ICON.


    • Skin: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown
    • Height: 5'6
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Dakota
    • Occupation: Student
    • Relatives: Amistad Augustus Ervins(Son)

    Powers and Abilities

    Inertia Winder:

    All of Rocket's superhuman powers derive from the inertia winder installed in her belt buckle.

    Force Field:

    When activated, the inertia winder surrounds Rocket in an "inertia field," which absorbs, stores, and redirects any kinetic energy used against it. This field protects her from anything invested with kinetic energy: physical blows, bullets, falls, falling debris, etc. The inertia field normally extends a few inches from Rocket's body, but she can expand the field to much greater sizes. She once enclosed a crowd of about 50 people within her field without it losing its durability.


    Rocket is able to project stored energy in blasts usually from her hands over a distance, causing great damage depending on the amount of energy she uses. She can also fly by releasing the stored kinetic energy beneath her, launching her skyward. She is particularly skilled in this ability, able to perform complex aerial maneuvers and hover by controlling the amount of energy released.

    Energy Field:

    Rocket has also learned to how to use her inertia winder to surround her opponents in an "inertialess field" which negates any kinetic energy within it down to the molecular level, effectively immobilizing them. Some opponents even fall unconscious because the field can prevent oxygen molecules from reaching their lungs.

    Other Uses:

    Other uses of his field includes imbuing objects with large amounts of kinetic energy when thrown increasing their speed, effectively allowing her to throw rocks at the speed of bullets. Alternatively she can release this energy when she throws a punch delivering enough shock force to stagger beings as powerful as Icon if she uses a high enough amount. The suit technology makes her unidentifiable to electronic surveillance. The Inertia Winder is attune to Rachel biometrics and can return to her at will.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat:

    A former high school gymnast, she is very agile and has quick reflexes. Rocket is also a good hand-to-hand combatant due to her crime-fighting experience as Icon's sidekick.


    Rocket's inertia field has certain weaknesses due to its very nature. The field will not activate if a person or object exerts little kinetic energy against it. This makes Rocket vulnerable to stealth attacks, which rely on slower movements and minimal force. Also, the inertia field offers little protection against weapons based on non-kinetic energy like thermal (e.g., flamethrowers) or electrical (e.g., tasers).

    Other Versions

    Young Justice

    Rocket has appeared in Young Justice comic book which is base on the T.V Shows.

    Other Media


    Young Justice

    Rocket in Young Justice
    Rocket in Young Justice

    Rocket appears in the animated series Young Justice, starting off in several brief cameos before joining the main cast at the end of the first season. She first appears in "Revelation," where she battles one of Poison Ivy's plant creatures during the Injustice League's attack on several major cities. She later reappears in "Failsafe" as one of the Earth's heroes who repels an alien invasion, although this was only an illusion created by Miss Martian as a training exercise.

    She officially becomes a member of the team upon Icon's induction into the Justice League. She first joins the group during a mission to locate Cheshire, which leads to an ambush orchestrated by the Riddler. She is shown to harbor an attraction to Aqualad, who helps her after she is attacked by Apokoliptian weaponry.

    Young Justice: Invasion

    Rocket appears in the sequel series Young Justice: Invasion, now five years older. A legal adult, Rocket is now shown as a member of the Justice League alongside Zatanna.

    Young Justice: Outsiders

    Rocket along with some other Justice League members attempted to stop a breakout on prisoner convoy. Raquel is later seen taking her son on a play-date with other superhero children at Allen's household in Central City.

    Video Games

    Young Justice Legacy

    Rocket will be a playable character in Young Justice Legacy.


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