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    Character » Rocket Red (Ivanovich) appears in 39 issues.

    Rocket Red #7 was a member of the Rocket Red Brigade and a member of Justice League International.

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    Current Events

    Following the reboot of the DC Universe into the new 52, Rocket Red was made a member of the newly reformed Justice League International. Their first mission was to stop an invasion of Earth by the alien Peraxxus. Following this the team had to argue for their mandate against a skeptical United Nations but afterwards the team was given full approval. Soon after though and while being introduced to the public, the stage which the team was standing on was sabotaged with explosives, and the subsequent attack left many of the team members hurt or worse. He was among those most seriously injured and has seemingly been killed.

    Gavril Ivanovich

    Gavril and the lost generation
    Gavril and the lost generation

    The new Rocket Red is reportedly disgusted by the westernization of his country and considers himself a true communist and has been targeting institutions he believes rots his nation including Corporate businesses, fast food chains, and K.G.B. Cells, though Gavril vehemently denies being a terrorist, saying that “I injure no one but the buildings of Western Plague!” Gavril Ivanovich replaced the Justice League Europe former member Rocket Red #4 Dmitri Pushkin who was killed in the OMAC Project in the 2005 storyline like Jamie Reyes is the new third Blue Beetle replacing Ted Kord. Ted Kord was the the second Blue Beetle.

    Generation Lost

    After being mysteriously teleported to Russia the former members of the JLI found themselves and several innocent bystanders in the crossfire between a squad of Rocket Reds and Gavril Ivanovich, a former Captain in the Rocket Red brigade and self-styled revolutionary. With the reluctant aid of the JLI Gavril defeated the loyalist Rocket Reds and proclaimed himself honored to be a part of the new JLI team, much to the chagrin of his “Teammates”.

    New 52

    A new Justice League International was created by the United Nations as a superhero group which they could control. Rocket Red was part of that team. The group's first mission was to defeat Peraxxus, who used four giant robots called the signal masters to destroy the earth and take its resources. It was Gavril's ability to communicate with computers that brought down Peraxxus's ship onto one of the signal masters. Later while cleaning up the derby, Gavril entered the wreckage and was scanned by a weird light. This event has yet to be explained.

    Weeks later after defeating the Signal Masters and Peraxxus, Lightweaver attacks the JLI while they are being formally introduced to the public. He detonates a bomb under there UN stage. August General in Iron is the one who brings Gavril body out of the inferno. Batman checks the body, puts his cape over him and told Booster Gold that he is indeed dead.


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