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We've gotten Rocket and Groot in trouble before, but this...HOO BOY.

Seriously, what is this? What are we doing in this book? Someone should probably stop us.


Rocket Raccoon and Groot are have a friendly game of pool, (Groot wins) which turns into a less friendly game of darts, (Groot wins), which turns in to out right mean game of Ping Pong, then Bean Bags, then "Alley Fighting Alpha II Warrior Melee Fight" video game, then poker, then Space type Monopoly, then Beer Pong, (all which Groot wins, easily).

Then after a while, Rocket and Groot race spaceships to a far off planet, but the the race is detoured when Rocket receives a message from General Dock who needs Rocket and Groot to help his people who are being attacked the Kiffs. Rocket reluctantly agrees but doesn't call off the race and the pairs finish line gets moved to Planet Olim Seven.

On Olim Seven, General Dock explains the Kiffs are about to attack and Rocket and Groot are their only hope. Rocket agrees but turns the war into a new game, who can kill the most Kiffs.

Hours later, Rocket and Groot are tie and there is only KIffs left but it has a heart attack and neither Rocket or Groot can take the credit, but none the less they are still honored as heroes. The pair seem to get along for once but it quickly dissolves into a thumb wrestling match.

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RegRegular CoverSkottie Young1
VarVariant CoverTom Angleberger2


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