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The horrible truth of Rocket's dastardly transformation revealed!

Oh man, that answer only raises MORE questions?! But don't worry, all will be revealed! Probably! There is a very good chance most things will be revealed!

Can the greatest friendship in the galaxy survive this terrifying trial? I'd say yes, probably, but really isn't it the journey more than the destination? Come journey with us, friends!


  • Told as flashback story by Rocket and Groot to a bunch of alien campers, continued from Rocket Raccoon and Groot #2

Groot is being held hostage by Lord Rakzoon, who appears to be Rocket Raccoon under some kind of mind control. Groot pleds with his best friend to free him but Lord Rakzoon is drunk with power.

But suddenly Lord Rakzoon turns on his guards and frees Groot. Rocket then reveals he had been pretending for month to be Lord Rakzoon all as a prnak on Groot. Rocket had carved the clues into Groot as payback for when Groot sent Rocket on a mission for his brithday, (See: Rocket Raccoon #5).

The pair make there escape from the torture prison but are stopped by High Lord Nasoj , his guards, Pockets Possum and Shrub. Pockets reveals he sprung Nasoj but instead of out right killing Rocket and Groot, Pocket and Shrub get in a shouting match with the heroes.

The High Lord Nasoj, orders the four executed, but they make a run for it. Rocket and Groot leave Pockets and Shrub behind escape in a stolen spaceship. The space ship is sucked through a worm hole though time and space and they end up at their own funeral.

Rocket busts into the funeral and reveals he and Groot are still alive much to the shock of the Guardian of the Galaxy.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverSkottie Young1
VarVariant CoverSiya Oum2


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