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There's a new criminal mastermind in the galaxy, and it's...ROCKET RACCOON?! How did this happen? SERIOUSLY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, YOU GUYS??? Groot knows, but he's not talking! Well, he is talking, but all he's saying is...oh, you know. Diabolical danger, madcap mysteries and astonishing adventure abound as SKOTTIE YOUNG and FILIPE ANDRADE return to tell tall tail tales of Rocket Raccoon, now with the adorable, arboreal Groot along for the ride! If you love adventure, animals, outer space and just about anything in between, this is the book for you!


8 month after the "Secret War" Rocket Raccoon and Groot are tell some alien school kids a story. Rocket tells about how the Guardians of the Galaxy, (Flash Thomson, Kitty Pride, Drax and The Thing) think the pair are dead and launch an empty coffin into space. The coffin slips through a worm hole and is smashed into to by Pockets Possum and his partner Scrub in their space ship.

The Pockets Postal, the team Pockets named himself, have not time to stop and head to Caxoore Bar to meet with a client about making a delivery. The client looks kinda of like a darker Groot but the Pocket Postals don't care and take the job.

Later on in Lord Rakzoon's Throne Room, Pocket and Scrub are being accused of being thieves and ordered by Lord Rakzoon, who looks like a power mad Rocket Raccoon, to be tortured and executed. Pocket pleads with Lord Rakzoon, and tries to explain they are merely messengers bringing him something, but Lord Rakzoon doesn't believe them. Its not until one of the Lord's advisers tell him they were telling the truth that Lord Rakzoon orders them not to be killed, but still tortured.

Lord Rakzoon then wants to see what they brought and is surprised when their cargo, a large humanoid tree kills half his guard and utters the three words, I am Groot!

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverSkottie Young1
VarVariant CoverSuperlog3
VarMarvel Hip-Hop Variant CoverKhary Randolph4
VarAction Figure Variant CoverJohn Tyler Christopher5
VarDeadpool Variant CoverTodd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg6
VarMarvel Cosplay Covers Variant CoverHurley FX (Model) & Judy Stephens (Photographer)7
REFried Pie Exclusive Variant CoverPascal Campion2

Note: Due to a mistake at the printers this issue and select other Marvel titles that were to be released 1/6/2016 were shipped to comic shops with their December 30th shipments, Marvel allowed them to go on sale 1/1/2016 (print and digital) and some stores sold them early on 12/30/2015.


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