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Prison Break

Now that all of you experienced the joy that is Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, and I assume you all saw it, because Guardians made 94 million dollars this past weekend, it's time to get your fix with his new series from writer/artist/wizard; Scottie Young. If you missed our review of the first issue, then you're of course a bad person, but you may find the tone of this book very different from other Marvel titles. This book has a cartoon-y feel, however not in the way you would imagine. Think Looney Tunes meets South Park, but with a gun-toting raccoon who drinks. That's the recipe for love right there; those things and butter. Rocket starts this issue in some deep trouble, but if you have seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you know prison is not so much a problem for our little friend.

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Young's art is fantastic and his style really sets the tone of the book. The best part of the art has to be the character designs. Even in a panel with just two guards talking, the kookiness of the character designs, as well as their expressions, keeps the panel visually interesting. Add the fact, this book is a space adventure and Young can play to his strengths by designing an array of crazy, yet beautiful, creatures, guns, and space ships. ...I'm pretty sure I saw a fish gun. It's like my mom always said; fish gun is best gun. ...Shut up, you didn't know my Mother! RIP Mom, I miss you. Of course rocket gets to break out of prison, and Young puts together a wonderful two page spread of a maze for the reader and our heroes full of peril and gun fire. Also, I'm just kidding, my mom is totally still alive, but my parents are not the best at taking photos ...

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Seriously, there is a naked guy on your head, and he's doing kicks and shit... how do you not notice! Okay end /rant. Speaking of team ups that are not my parents, we have the world's new best friend; Groot. Groot is the perfect complement to rocket. He is an emotional character, but doesn't have to steal the spot light or drive his own personal story forward. Plus, he is Groot. Duh. Young's writing is very fun and full of pop culture references that will keep you laughing. The dialogue of all the characters is fun and snappy, and if these first two issues tell us anything it's that Young has a lot of fun writing guard dialogue. If you see two guys on guard duty, you know it will be hilarious, and I don't know why. There is a lot of fun to be had with this book, and if you became a fan of Rocket from the movie, I highly recommend checking out this series, as you will have a ball. We also end with every man's worst nightmare, so my heart goes out to our furry hero!

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