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It is unknown how Rocket Head came to be a cyborg; however, he used his singing talents to become the lead singer of Rocket Head and the Invisible Jackets.


Rocket Head was created by Bob Burden.

Major Story Arcs

Battle of the Bands

Rocket Head and his band were headed to a battle of the bands when they came across the Flaming Carrot. With his flight he was able to help the Flaming Carrot and prevented him from falling a large distance. He then fought alongside the Flaming Carrot to bring down a group of mobsters; unfortunately he was poisoned by their leader, Red Dyke, and was unable to participate in the battle of the bands.

Powers & Abilities

Rocket Head is a human head attached to a small rocket. He has the following abilities:

  • Flight - The rocket that Rocket Head is made of enables him to fly through the sky at high speeds.
  • Cybernetic Attachments - Rocket Head has two smaller rockets attached to his main body. He also has a spear-like attachment on the very tip of his main body that he can use to stab foes or to catch falling objects.


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