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It is unknown how the group was formed but they were first introduced as an up and coming band when they found the Flaming Carrot. In their first appearance and adventure they were attempting to make it to a Battle of the Bands when they were attacked by a group of killer Santa Clauses.


Rocket Head and the Invisible Jackets were created by Bob Burden.

Team Evolution

The group was originally a rock band and had no desire for super heroics; however, after being attacked by a group of killers all dressed as Santa Clause they realized they needed to fight back. Teaming up with Flaming Carrot they became a fighting force and got incredibly popular in the process.

The members of the team are as follows:

  • Rocket Head - The lead singer of the band.
  • Bobby - One of the Invisible Jackets
  • Johnny - One of the Invisible Jackets
  • Rick - One of the Invisible Jackets
  • Sparky - One of the Invisible Jackets

The Flaming Carrot was a member of the group for a short time to cover for Rocket Head after he was poisoned by the Red Dyke.

Major Story Arcs

Battle of the Bands

While the group was traveling to the Battle of the Bands they met and assisted the Flaming Carrot. They would then team up to defeat a group of mobsters dressed as Santa Clause and their leader, the Red Dyke. During this adventure their lead singer, Rocket Head, was poisoned by the Red Dyke, thus forcing Flaming Carrot to cover as their lead singer.

The group ended up winning the Battle of the Bands in an epic finale in which they performed on stage while fighting the Red Dyke. Due to their victory they gained popularity and a legion of fans.


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