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    Samuel LaRoquette is recruited by Bruce Banner to be part of Project Hulkbuster. He would eventually be captured by the Leader and transformed into the deadly, elemental being known as the Rock.

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    Samuel John LaRoquette was a natural adventurer since he was a child. He grew up loving challenges and conquering the environments. He would become a college professor and would get involved with a student named Carolyn Parmenter. The Dean of Students warned him about getting involved with a student but he ignored him and the two of them would start a relationship. The Dean called Samuel out on his relationship with a student and had a discussion with him. Samuel ended punching the Dean and he would lose his tenure and blow his academic career. His relationship with Carolyn would turn ugly and their relationship would end. He would later join Argo Industries but his pride and hard-nosed attitude would bring constant conflicts with his superiors. His last expedition resulted in the death of two team members when an earthquake struck. His boss blamed him for their deaths and he ended punching him out too. Samuel would be recruited by Bruce Banner to be part of Project Hulkbuster and get reunited with Carolyn Parmenter.


    Samuel LaRoquette was created by Dennis O'Neil and John Byrne in 1986 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 317.

    Character Evolution

    He would become the leader of the Hulkbusters and things would not bode well with him and the team. Their first training mission was to assault Doc Samson with government weapons and equipment. Carolyn was accidently shot down in her aircraft by a fellow team member. Doc Samson tried to save her from the burning wreckage but Carolyn would be killed when the aircraft exploded. Samuel would always blame Doc Samson and himself for Carolyn's death. Numerous attempts to capture and take out the Hulk would lead to more failures. Banner's Hulkbuster team would disband after Carolyn's funeral. Samuel and the rest of the Hulkbuster team would be recruited by SHIELD to form a new Hulkbuster team. Samuel's stint with SHIELD was short lived and Nick Fury kicked him out and the Hulkbuster project was disbanded.

    The Leader would capture Samuel and his Hulkbuster teammate Craig Saunders. They would be transformed into the Rock and Redeemer and both men would come into conflict with the Hulk on numerous occassions. Rock and Redeemer would form the Riot Squad with Ogress, Jailbait and Hotshot. The Riot Squad would be the first line of defense of Freehold which is a town of gamma-spawned individuals located under the Canadian ice. The Rock and the rest of the Riot Squad have defended the city of Freehold against the forces of HYDRA and the alien tyrant Armageddon.

    Story Arcs

    Acts of Vengeance

    During the Acts of Vengeance, Jester is given an opportunity to prove his worth and mettle to Dr. Doom by assembling a cadre of villains to attack the Avengers. Rock is one of his recruits alongside the Fenris twins, Hydro-Man, a robotic Hulk and the duo of Cloak and Dagger. The Assembly of Evil would attack the Avengers during a public forum where a number of reporters and innocent civilians are in danger. Rock engages with Thor and experiences painful mental backlashes when his stony exterior form is damaged during the fight. Rock becomes enraged and agitated during the battle so he forms numerous spikes on his outer shell and flies towards the thunder god. Thor strikes Rock with his mighty hammer and Rock's exterior shell shatters into pieces. LaRoquette lies nude and is ecstatic that he is free from his stony imprisonment. LaRoquette's happiness is short lived when the stone pieces merge back to his body and he is transformed back into the Rock. LaRoquette is so upset and flies through the roof while the rest of his teammates are defeated by the Avengers.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Rock's body is a malleable exo-skeleton made of stone and he can shape the rock into any form he desires. His rocky exterior can form spikes that can penetrate the hulks skin, and he can also form limbs to grab, punch or kick his enemies. He has the ability to attain flight in his rock form and he possesses superhuman strength and durability.


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