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    Posing as a modern Robin Hood, she's a human from Earth that discovers a connection to Myst. Robyn is a female version of Robin Hood

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    Current Events

    Preview of the fight between Britney and Robyn
    Preview of the fight between Britney and Robyn

    The Best of Zenescope Special Edition collects a number of previous stories from across the Zenescope library, but in its final chapter, it suggests events which are to occur in the future of the primary Zenescope characters. A mysterious figure looks at the various characters both in terms of past and future events - Sela's search for her daughter Ilys, Ilys mourning the death of her supposed mother Venus, the resurrection of Shang, the return of Belinda, the battle between Robyn and Britney Waters, the assembly of the Greek Gods including Angel and the continued servitude of Cindy to the Dark One. In the case of the latter Cindy is shown trying to conjure some demonic forces for the service of the Dark One but while doing so the mysterious figure arrives and stops her and abducts her.


    As Shang single-handedly storms a temple in Myst, he discovers a small child within. He confers with the Council of the Five Realms as opposed to her fate, but every member agrees that she must be killed (referring to the Jabberwocky, another such child that was saved). Shang cannot bring himself to do this, believing that the child has the potential to live a better life and takes her to Earth where she is left on the doorstep of a family that will come to raise her. The family is not without its own problems and one day Robyn comes home to find her adoptive mother dead (likely at the hands of her adoptive father, though this is not identified explicitly.) She is put into foster care and bounces around the system until she ends up in a normal high school. By this point in her life, she has made a point of standing up to those that use power to intimidate or the corrupt and in so doing she confronts Cal King, the most popular guy in school, who is partially so because his father runs the town. She steals his car and races away but she is eventually caught and he cuts out her left eye as punishment. Meanwhile, a group of people in Myst desire a protector, and eventually using magic they reach out to her and pull her into Myst.


    She first appeared in Robyn Hood #1. She was created by Joe Brusha.

    Character Evolution

    Although only a recently introduced character, she is already well established as tough and capable.

    Major Story Arcs

    One of the driving factors in her persona is that she was raped and had her eye cut out by high school bully Cal King. Another is that she discovered her mother after she had committed suicide. She comes to be in Myst through a magical portal. While there she meets an undead woman who tells her that she will become what the people of the land require. She journeys through the kingdom of King John and discovers a wide range of poverty and despair. She begins to live off of the land and after some time is confronted by Little John. She also soon meets his companions who become her group of Merry Men. They train for a while before deciding on a campaign of revenge, retribution, and revolution against the evil King. She is captured after taking part in a contest but escapes and manages to kill the King, thus freeing the people from his tyrannical rule. She talks with a woman named Marian who directs her to a portal back to Earth. To returns to find the man that raped her, first killing his two best friends and then seemingly killing his father before confronting him. He shocks her by revealing that he had even forgotten who she was and that him raping her was not even worth remembering. She drags him outside and kills him as well. When leaving she confronts two police officers and attacks them, but realizes although they were complicit in her rape that they are not exactly guilty either. Instead, she gets them to call the sheriff in for backup who was partially responsible for a lack of justice in her case. She kills him and then leaves, though it is revealed that the father did not die. She travels to New York City and steals from a bank on Wall Street and throws the money in the air before leaving to discover herself after she realizes that her campaign of revenge has not left her satisfied.

    During Robyn Hood vs Red Red Riding Hood, it is revealed that since the events in New York she has been traveling around living under assumed identifies trying to stay off the radar as she is a wanted criminal. Most recently she was going by the name of Willow (as a homage to Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and working as a stable hand at a local barn. She is being hunted by Britney Waters as the police have been ineffective at finding her. Britney believes her to be a murder and perhaps even a Falseblood. Their encounter ultimately ends in a stalemate with Britney agreeing to stop hunting her, but the truce will be void if Robyn kills another human. Robyn tells Britney that she knows that what she has done to get into this situation was not necessarily right, but she doesn't regret her actions, no matter how they haunt her.

    Powers and Abilities

    She has innate abilities including some magical abilities which make her a natural with a bow. She is also shown to be very capable and feisty, willing to stand up to numerous men seemingly much stronger than her. She is a skilled combatant though it is not clear if she is trained in any way in this regard or if it is innate. Additionally, this same mentality extends to other survival skills as for instance, she survived for a year in a forest in Myst with only what she carried. She is also a natural leader.

    As she is feared by the Council of the Five Realms, it is likely that she is a falseblood.


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