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    Rick Hunter, hero of the first Robotech war with the Zentraedi, returns to face a new enemy – one dedicated to destroying all life in pursuit of its vengeful vendetta.

    Ten years have passed since the end of the first Robotech war which almost destroyed Earth. Now General Rick Hunter is heading out in the new flagship SDF-3 on the most important mission of his life...

    Together with his intrepid crew, including alien warrior Breetai, fiancée Admiral Lisa Hayes, and ex-girlfriend Lynn Minmei, Hunter must travel to Tirol, the homeworld of the legendary Robotech Masters, and attempt to open up diplomatic relations. There he finds a world devastated by a far more deadly threat, the Invid, a ruthless alien race hellbent on seizing the secret of Protoculture, the power source behind all the Robotechnology...

    Collecting together the complete Robotech II: The Sentinels Book One (#1-16, plus the two wedding specials), originally from 1988-90. This volume includes never-before-seen sketches and a new foreword written by John and Jason Waltrip.


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