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 They assist Will Magnus in defeating the Death Metal Men, although purely for their own reasons.


U.N.I.O.N. - a union of nanobots that can concentrate themselves into "one" robot or "disperse" themselves in order to infiltrate other machines.

Warbox - the walking arsenal. Its head is shaped like a bear's. A reel-to-reel tape player is attached to its chest (It says it "can't fight without music").

Body-X - a mechanical brain in a living woman's body. It sacrificed its body in order to destroy the Death Metal Men. Later inhabited the body of a robot duplicate of T.O. Morrow.

L-Ron - alien robot - formerly a heroic ally to the Justice League, now standing against humanity for unknown reasons.

Manhunter Lud - part of the proto peacekeepers of the universe, the Manhunters, he has an eyepatch over his right eye. Later revealed to be an agent of the Nameless.


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