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    Robot Archie was built by Professor C.R. Ritchie to be the world's most powerful mechanical man. Because the professor lived in Africa, Archie was at first known as the Jungle Robot and was not intelligent, instead being remotely controlled by Professor Ritchie and his nephew, Ted Ritchie, and Ken Dale.

    Around 1966, Ritchie installed a voice box and mechanical brain in the Robot who by then had been named Archie, and who soon developed a boastful, but charming, personality.

    During the 70’s, rust in Archie’s brain-pan lead to him becoming an acid-head. He became a member of Alternative 88's anarchist superhero group, Black Flag, and joined in fighting against the Lliogor.

    By 1992, Archie was enjoying a successful career in dance music. In July of that year, he joined with Peter St. John and Zenith in their fight against Horus. Ruby Fox blasted him with her voltage powers, however, knocking Archie's head off.


    Android Andy, homage to Robot Archie, is one of the survivors of Mad Jim Jaspers' purge of Earth-238's superheroes. He is apparently destroyed by the The Fury, but he resurfaces in...


    In 2005's Albion, Robot Archie resurfaces in the basement of a Manchester pub in a tableau with another robot and one of the Cybermen. When Penny Dolmann enlists Danny Doom to help her recover Archie from the pub, it is implied that she has visited him several times before. Penny repairs and modifies Archie to help in the rescue of her father, Dolmann, and other British superheroes being held in a facility by the British government. Archie is destroyed acting as a decoy for Penny.

    Oddly, the remains of Android Andy can be glimpsed in Penny Dolmann's workshop in Albion #2 - Strange Doors That We Never Closed Again.


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