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Two Face is being interrogated by Jim Gordon about the bloody baseball bat and  the death of Judge Watkins. Two Face tells Gordon that he killed Robin and Gordon leaves in a huff. He angrily goes to the roof and switches on the signal for Batman.

Meanwhile, Bruce is driving to Leslie's while Alfred is taking care of Dick in the backseat. When Leslie sees Dick's injuries she is appalled just like how Alfred was. Bruce leaves them to attend to the Bat Signal. Gordon confronts Batman about the bloody baseball bat and Batman tells him Robin is alive but is retired. Gordon doesn't know whether he should trust Batman or not.

Dick has nightmares about Batman dying to Two Face and wakes up screaming to Bruce. Bruce tells Dick that he is fired as Robin. Alfred intervenes, but Bruce's mind is already made up. All of Dick's hopes are crushed.

Alfred watches how both Bruce and Dick are becoming increasingly despondent and Dick is physically working harder to hide his pain. Dick goes to see Leslie at Gotham General when Mr. Freeze shows up demanding to see the blood bank. After a doctor is injured, Leslie volunteers to Dick's surprise. After Freeze takes away the blood, Dick runs after him. He briefly returns to Wayne Manor to write a letter to Bruce and get some tools. Freeze is demanding ten million dollars for the stolen blood. Freeze's goon are too busy playing cards to notice that Robin snuck inside. Robin locks them in the room that they're in and goes off to find Freeze. The goons start to fire their guns at the door and this draws the attention of Freeze. Robin drops in on Freeze and after a chase, Freeze accidently shoots his crew with his ice gun. Robin jumps to the roof which Freeze also shoots but falls through. Robin ties Freeze up and meets Gordon and tells him that he is quitting the hero business.

At the jail, Two Face's lawyer says that he has been dismissed and that Two Face wishes to confess. As one of the cops goes inside the room, he finds out the Two Face some how got free from his handcuffs. Two Face kills the cop and steals his clothes, and meets his lawyer in their limo.
Bruce returns home to find Alfred sitting in a chair with a letter from Dick in his hands which states that Dick has run away. Bruce just tells Alfred that Two Face escapes jail. Dick is shown walking about the streets and is surprised when he hears that Two Face has escaped. Dick is surrounded by a group of boys who attack him but Dick beats them. A man named Shrike comes from the shadows and tells him that he usually doesn't take pupils on so late in the semester. But he will do so for him.



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