Robin Wood

    Character » Robin Wood appears in 39 issues.

    The only son of Nikki Wood the Vampire Slayer.

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    Brief History

    Robin is the first principal of the newly rebuilt sunnydale high school in the seventh and finale season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He also happens o be the son of former vampire slayer Nikki Wood. He was trained in self defense by his mother as a boy and is very skilled in the slaying of vampires.
    Since he witnessed his mothers death at the hands of Spike the vampire after moving to sunnydale he sought revenge but was defeated in battle by spike. He also showed romantic interest in Buffy initially but they eventually settled into being friends. He has also been romantically linked with Faith the dark slayer, they shared a one night stand that developed into a short lived if ill fated relationship.
    After sunnydale is destroyed he becomes a new breed of watcher headed by himself, Andrew and Giles. He is also in charge of his own band of slayers and has come into conflict with the being known as Twilight.

    Physical appearance





    Eye color:


    Hair color:

    black but he prefers to go bald

    Skills and abilities

    He has extensive knowledge of slayers, demons and vampires thanks to time with his mother and her watcher. He was also trained from a very young age in martial arts/fighting techniques and vampire/demon hunting.


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