Robin Vega

    Character » Robin Vega appears in 2 issues.

    Mutant and ESU student, research assistant to Dr. Lanning, able to transform into metamorphic metal.

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    Origin and history

    Robin Vega had been running all her life because of her mutant abilities, despite rarely using them.

    She eventually enrolled in Empire State University, the same school Peter Parker, also known as the Spider-Man, was attending.  While the two hit it off, Vega's superior standing in the school intimidated and annoyed Paul Stacy, cousin to Parker's deceased love interest, Gwen.

    Paul Stacy, still angered over the death of his sister, placed the fault of his sister's death on Spider-Man.  He argued that allowing superheroes to exist is what caused both the death of Gwen and her father, Captain George Stacy.  He aligned with the Friends of Humanity, an anti- mutant organization on campus, only to help lump in Spider-Man with mutants and get rid of them.

    Stacy uncovered the truth about Vega and forced her out of the school.  She revealed her powers to Parker before threatening to kill him so she could stop running once and for all.

    Vega met Stacy at his apartment, planning to kill him.  While the two were talking, the Friends of Humanity began shooting up the building, causing it to catch on fire.  The pair both helped the other people in the building to safety.  Vega used her metallic shape-shifting abilities to brand the word "mutie" on the culprits before fleeing the scene.  Surprised by Stacy's heroism, Vega left the town, along with her grudges, behind her. 


    Robin Vega was created by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr in 1997 and first appeared in Spider-Man # 82.

    Powers and Abilities

    Robin Vega is a mutant with the ability to transform into metal, allowing her to change her shape, solidify or liquify at will, or form incredibly sharp blades from her limbs.  Her metallic form also grants her a degree of invulnerability, allowing her to be hit with gunfire unharmed.

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