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Starring: Tim Drake as Robin (III)

(Four-Issue Miniseries). Volume II.

The second volume in Chuck Dixon's trilogy, serving as the sequel to Robin and followed by Robin III: Cry of the Huntress, The Joker's Wild! tells the story of Tim Drake's first solo outing as Robin. Through all four issues, Batman is away on business in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, leaving Tim and Alfred to patrol and care for the city in a time of relative peace. However, that peace is disturbed when the Joker once again breaks free of the Asylum, this time with no Batman to greet him.

Throughout the entire story, Tim and Alfred attempt to make it seem to the criminal underworld that Batman has not left through a series of holograms and illusions; the Joker, however, is not fooled for long, and capitalizes on the opportunity to attempt to bring down yet another Robin and terrorize Gotham. Meanwhile, Tim also deals with strife between himself and Commissioner Gordon, who does not yet trust Robin to handle the Joker on his own, and his high school friends, who begin to take annoyance with Tim's absences and sudden departures.

This was Dixon's second of three Robin works before landing his own ongoing Robin series that ran for several years. Each issue of the arc featured a small holographic addition on the cover, along with several variant illustrations.

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