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They thought the Penguin was bad, but he was nothing compared to Sin Fang! It's an all-out brawl, and Robin, Violet and Spoiler will have to work together if they want to get out alive. By the end of the night, casualties will be counted and the ultimate mystery of Spoiler's true identity will finally be solved!

The North Korean mafia is in Gotham and Robin, Violet, and the mysterious Spoiler find themselves under fire. It was Violet's intentions of taking their money. Her plan is going so well. Robin isn't sure what Sin Fang is doing in Gotham since he deals globally with drugs and guns. Sin Fang tells his men that he wants to take out the three himself. Robin tells the girls to stay put so he can distract the men with the guns. He tells them to leave and to Spoiler, he says that isn't a costume she should be using. There's no place for her in Gotham.

Spoiler says she knew he'd say something like that. Throwing a smoke grenade, she begins taking out some of Sin Fang's men. She is about to get hit with three blades when Robin jumps in front of her and blocks them with his cape. As Spoiler checks if he's okay, Violet decides to face Sin Fang herself. She wants to make him look bad in front of his men. To her surprise, Sin Fang begins to mop the floor with her. Robin tries telling Spoiler to leave but she won't. Knowing that he can't take out Sin Fang easily without worrying about the others, he decides to try to humiliate Sin Fang and knocks out one of his teeth.

Outside Detective Wise and Cavallo meet with their snitch (who arranged the bust). When he gets in the back of their car, he wonders why there's plastic covering the seat. To answer his question, he gets a bullet to the head.

Robin stays down as Sin Fang goes after Spoiler and Violet. He uses this moment to call the Redbird, which he left in remote mode outside. It busts through the wall and he drags Violet inside during the commotion. Spoiler refuses to go with him saying they'll meet again when she's ready. He tells Violet he's going to take her to the emergency room and that she needs to stop trying to take the bad guys' money. She begins to get defensive. Robin tells her that he's not in it for the money. He's in this life because it's the right thing to do. She is ticked at his judgement and starts to attack him. He pulls over and she tells him where he can go.

Robin calls Batman and asks him to meet him. They go to the place that Spoiler is staying. Spoiler is about to remove her costume when they arrive. Robin tells her that this will be the last time she wears the costume. It ends tonight. She removes her masks and reveals...that she is Stephanie Brown!

Stunned for a moment, Robin grabs her in his arms and kisses her. Batman calmly says he has questions for her. She says first she has to know if she's welcome back. Batman says if she wants it. Robin figures by Batman's reaction that he must have known she wasn't dead. He says he suspected it. It didn't feel right and he wanted to look into it some more. He also tells him that's why there was never a memorial in the cave for her.

They return to the cave and Alfred gets a pleasant shock. Batman then asks her why Leslie Thompkins faked her death. Stephanie says it was to protect her and get her away from everything. The body belonged to someone that overdosed on drugs. She went off to Africa with Leslie. She couldn't stay away because she just felt like she was running away. The next step is to tell her mother.

Tim and Stephanie go to the hospital where Stephanie's mom is working. She is in a bit of a shock (obviously). Stephanie tells her that she's going to tell her everything. Tim looks on wondering exactly what that will include.



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