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    Robin » Robin #168 - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Part 1: A Boy For The Demon released by DC Comics on January 1, 2008.

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    A special issue written by Peter Milligan (X-Men, X-Statix) kicks off the 7-part "Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul," crossing over with the Batman family of books! Readers discovered in last month's BATMAN #670 that Ra's al Ghul has returned from the dead! What does Ra's resurrection have to do with Batman's son, Damian? And more important, why does this send Damian toward a head-on collision with Robin at Wayne Manor? Guest starring Talia al Ghul.

    In Hong Kong, Ra's al Ghul is told that Damian has escaped. Trapped in a withering body, he swiftly kills the assassin that delivered the bad news. He tells the others that he does not want any more bad news. They are to find the boy and kill anyone that gets in their way.

    In Gotham, Tim stares out the window. Batman is out of town and he figures he should check out some things before going to bed.

    Meanwhile, below in the caves, Damian, dressed in a Robin suit with a cloak, works his way to the main cave. He admires the fact that his father doesn't make it easy for anyone to enter the Cave. He becomes a little injured but continues on his way. When he finally arrives, he calls out for his father. He is met by Tim, who wonders what took him so long. He knew eventually he'd turn up there. Damian says he's not there to fight him this time, he just needs to talk to Batman. Tim figures it has to be a trick. Damian tells Robin that he's serious, his grandfather is back and wants to steal his body. Tim figures he is definitely lying now. Damian, sensing that Robin isn't going to help him, says he'll check for himself whether or not Batman is there. Tim grabs his arm and says he's not going anywhere. The two inevitably begin to fight.

    On a ship, Talia is being held fro betraying her father. He says she must be punished and contemplates how he will kill her. She says she was just trying to protect her son. In the distant, Batman is gliding towards them.

    In Tibet, Merlyn continues his mission of recovering the seven pieces of the Invisible Map for Sensei.

    When Robin comes to, he figures that Alfred must be in danger. Upstairs, Alfred gets the drop on Damian. Damian tells him to stop. He says he needs to speak with his father because he is in trouble. Batman is the only one that can help him.

    On the ship, Batman takes out the assassins and frees Talia. She asks if he's there for her or her father. Batman now knows that the rumors of his return are true. She tells him that his body is deteriorating and is headed for the hidden city of Nanda Parbat. She also tells him that Damian is in danger in Gotham because Ra's has sent ninjas after him. Upon hearing that Damian is in Gotham, he sends a message to the Tim through the Bat-computer and also plans to call Nightwing. Talia is upset that all he plans to do is make a couple of phone calls. Batman wonders if she really is concerned for Damian of is she's trying to protect her father.

    At the mansion, Tim heads upstairs and hopes that Alfred is okay. Alfred is trying to comfort Damian. When he trips over a rug and stumbles, Damian catches him. Tim sees Damian's arms around Alfred and assumes he's attacking him. He sets off on Damian and is stopped by Alfred. Alfred really gives Tim a talk to about compassion and the fact that he should be using his intelligence. Not happy over being sucker-punched, Damian grabs a priceless painting off the wall and smashes it on Robin's head. When Alfred tries telling him of its value, he says it doesn't matter since it will all be his one day. This entices Tim to fight harder as Alfred can do nothing but watch. Tim begins beating him and Damian tries pleading with him that he's killing him.

    Outside, an army of ninja assassins swarm the mansion. Their orders are to retrieve Damian, unharmed. Everyone else is to be killed.



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    Robin vs Damian...the fight you wanted to see 0

    The title says pretty much anything right? Well actually it doesn't because Robin's and Damian's encounter could hardly be considered a battle.However the interaction between Damian and Alfred was very interesting, it remembered us that Batman is a dificult individual to be with (like if NW, Robin, Oracle and Alfred hadn't said that before lol).This issue answers some questions, however it makes new ones. How will Ra's al Ghul become powerful again? What will Robin do to have his father back (I ...

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