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Robin continues to be hunted like some prey. He has an assault of arrows targeted towards him as he tries to figure out what's going on and who's shooting at him. While in the process trying desperately to stay alive long enough to stop these attacks. Meanwhile Alfred pays a visit to Mrs. Drake.

Robin lays on the street in Bludhaven, just having been hit by three arrows and realizes he's not dead. Before he can figure out who shoot him another two arrows fly at him and he uses the "Arrow Cutting technique to block them and advance on the person who fired them, a girl in a Japaneses type costume

Meanwhile at the hospital in Bludhaven, Alfred finishes reading poems to Dana Drake, Tim's stepmother. He is then told by the nurse that he has to leave visiting hour were over three hours ago.

Back on the streets Robin is able to trick the archer into close quarter combat by destroying her quiver of arrows.

Meanwhile in Gotham, Tim's father's, Jack Drake's, lawyer continues to try to track down Edward Drake, Tim's soon to be legal guardian.

Back in Bludhaven, Tim seems to have the archer right where he wants her, she reveals her name to be The rising Sun Archer, and that she was hired to kill Robin. But before Robin can get anymore answers, she stabs him through the arm with a an arrow tip and makes a get away, not knowing Robin has slipped a tracer on her.

Meanwhile at the Penguins hideout, Mr. Nice meets with the penguin to discuss matter of his business. The Penguin cuts him short when he gets a call from the Society about the weapons the Penguin is running for them.

Back on the rooftops of Bludhaven, Robin has tracked the Archer to Little Tokyo but before he can move in for the capture he is blindsided by The Dark Rider.



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Robin #135 (April 2005)The year was 2005 and DC universe was getting over an Identity Crisis and Hal Jordan traded in his Spectre cape and boxer briefs to once again be a Green Lantern. But what was that Red Robin kid doing back when he wasn't named after a burger place? Looking like a crudely drawn Damian Wayne!Hello! This is the CrazyScarecrow coming at you with another review, trying to do a different format for my reviews, and I am going to be attempting to review more!In this issue of the o...

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