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This was a pretty subpar issue. Willingham isn't that great a writer altogether, and while Derenick is an OK artist, his work is pretty filler. The whole War Games event is just a meh kind of thing, and it isn't really worth much. The big thing, however, is what happens.

Synopsis (and Review of each part of said synopsis)

Robin beats up some villains. Again, subpar.

Black Mask returns to his hideout amd finds Spoiler. She beats the crap out of him, but he grabs a gun. She takes the gun and has it aimed at Mask for a while, but eventually she says, "ah crap, i'm not supposed to use guns cuz batman would hate me if i did". Mask grabs the guns, throws her down, and shoots her. He leaves her alive, but her condition is going down fast.

This was my favorite part of the issue. It's the reason Black Mask is one of my favorite villains. Sure, he tortures her, but then when she's a jerk, he does what precious few villains do nowadays: HE JUST SHOOTS HER. And delivers a pretty good "you suck, batman sucks" speech too.

If you like Black Mask and Robin, buy the issue.

If you're fed up with villains being dumb and leaving the heroes alive, buy the issue.

If you can, I suggest you buy it as a back issue, if you can get a discount for that. But if you're a fan of the characters or the story, I suggest you get it anyway.

"Take a message to Batman for me."

"Tell him 'Thank you', from me."

"Thank you so much, Batman, for sending such lovely, poorly trained children my way."

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