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Big Bad World

I'm catching up on the Batman story line and got this 5 issue series.  I don't know a lot about Tim Drake and his roll in the Batman story.  So, this was a great find for me.   It really gave me a feel for the character and a better understanding of Tim Drake.
At the start of the story, it seemed that Batman was almost forcing Robin out on his own a little bit.  Batman thinks he's ready to step up and be a real hero, but Tim is hedging.  I like the interaction between Alfred and Tim.  Alfred shows confidence in the young man and it gives Tim a boost as he's leaving.  He reluctantly goes to Paris to live with a tutor in the lost Tibetan martial art.  
The things I like about this issue... I could empathize with Tim Drake here.  He's pretty much going off on his own to prove he can do this on his own.  He's got those doubts that a lot people get when they venture out on their own to tackle a new challenge.  "Can I do this?"  "What the H am I thin?".  Shows the fears and doubts of a young man coming into his own.  I liked that aspect a lot in this story.
Of course, there's lots of failure in his learning... he's not progressing along like he thinks he should.  Getting his butt kicked in the training.
I like how the chivalrous part of his spirit gets him in trouble.... man, how many times to we get in hot water for a woman... lol.
Not a great level of action in this issue, but it's really setting the stage for the rest of the story.  I liked this intro to the boy who is trying to become a man.

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