Robin #0

    Robin » Robin #0 - Brothers in Arms released by DC Comics on October 1994.

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    A ZERO HOUR tie-in! The important role played by Two-Face in the lives of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake is explored as Nightwing guest-stars!

    A Zero Month crossover issue. Robin and Nightwing bond while on patrol in Gotham City, and at the same time, psychiatrists try to get a peek into the head of Harvey Dent. Dent relates that it is not the Batman he hates, it is the Robins that he brings along with him. While Dent explains his frustrations at Robin, the current Robin, Tim Drake, tells Nightwing all of the events that led up to their first meeting, and events between then and now. Meanwhile, Nightwing relates to Robin a story of his first face with death versus Two-Face when he was Robin. When the duo return to the Batcave, we find out that Bruce Wayne has decided to retire from the role of Batman for a while, handing over the mantle of the bat to Nightwing. Tim Drake will continue to be Robin to Dick Grayson’s Batman.


    • All characters have cameo flashback appearances except Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Two-Face.
    • The letter column contains one sentence mentioning the recent death of Neal Pozner.

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