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Robert Neville was bitten by a Vampire Bat that was infected with a new disease that eventually wipes out the human race and turns it's victims into Vampires. For some reason it only made Neville ill for a short time, while the bacteria spread through air turns everyone else into Vampires.

Neville stays barricaded in his house, protected by garlic and mirrors though the night, just hoping to survive the night so he can have one more day. Among the Vampires who torment every night is a former friend of his, Ben Cortman. His wife also comes back to visit him as a Vampire.

When Neville is captured by the vampires, he realizes that they are afraid of him. As the legend of the vampire has created fear towards humans, Neville has become a legend of fear to the vampires, becoming the monster to the new race.

Other Media


The Last Man on Earth

The Omega Man

I Am Legend (2007)

Robrt Neville is played by Will Smith. In this version, Robert is a virologist for the military living in a empty New York with his dog Sam.


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