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After 9/11, Fury began looking for recruits for an all-new Ultimates Team. High School dropout, Robert Mitchell attained the attention of Nick Fury after it was discovered he created an Antimatter Generator in his basement, all by himself, using parts he ordered from the internet to try and wipe out half of East Bay, California. His 240 IQ and resourcefulness interested Nick Fury to keep Robert out from an eligible sentence to life in a hypermax security known as the Cube. Instead Nick Fury offered Robert a chance to the Ultimates Initiative, and Robert Mitchell would become the Vision for the West Coast Ultimates.


Robert Mitchell was first introduced in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #22 - Reconstruction, Part 4 of 6, written by Sam Humphries and penciled by Joe Bennett. Robert Mitchell is the second character in the Ultimate Marvel Universe to bear the code-name Vision. The first being a female android and Herald of the Gah Lak Tus swarm during the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy.

Current Events

At the end of the Reconstruction story arc for The Ultimates, the Vision made a deal with Spokesperson Ford and double crossed the West Coast Ultimates. The Vision fired upon the J-Rice, a new Stark energy satellite, causing it to fall towards Earth - heading straight for California. The Ultimates were able to contain the falling satellite, but by then the Vision and the West Coast Ultimates had escaped.

Major Story Arcs


Powers and Abilities

The Vision has a genius level intellect and is capable of both general and interstellar flight, intangibility, intense heat vision, and surviving the vacuum of outer space without aid. The exact limits of the Vision's abilities are unknown.


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